By now you should already know what a mentor is, if not you can go and read this post, then come back. Now the next challenge is to know what questions to a mentor, how can you wisely choose one? If you haven’t hired someone in the past or have had negative experiences with some, I will tell you my own personal experiences from hiring many of them and how I ended up becoming one to help fight these problems.

Current mentorship problems

There is a void in the market when it comes to mentoring. I know there are like a million “coaches, mentors, and gurus” out there trying to pitch you on LinkedIn Facebook or spamming your internet. The problem is that most of these people are frauds, so they don’t deliver what they promised, people are discontent and there is a void in the market.

  • Everyone can be a mentor: Most people want the fast easy lane and believe that everyone can be a mentor even if they dont have the experience, knowledge and commitment. This as a result creates a lot of problems in the market like having fake people spam potential clients and burning the chances of real mentors to help these people.
  • Is cheap: This is not a money issue, there is probably a mentor that fits into your budget. I want to make something clear hear, expensive is something that doesnt adds value to you. So a $5 USD book can be expensive if you just leave it there or it can be the best investment if you make the most out of it. So be careful on how you choose the price, weight price vs value and see who weights more and make a wise choice.
  • Spamming and sales deficiencies: Most people buy cheap courses online, copy paste what they say and spam people because they just want easy, quick money. So they dont learn how to sell and how to pitch people, as a result they are not getting results, sounding too desperate and annoying people everywhere.
  • Nice suits, but no experience: When I had my previous company I used to hire pretty mentors, nice suited guided that told them they were about it. The problem was they memorized a book and read a few PDFs, but they had no experience in life. I remember I once asked a guy, well youre going to help me run my business right? What kind of business do you have or had? He blink, zero.

Best questions to ask a mentor

Dont get fooled, ask the wrong questions and get wrong answers. It’s like going to war without ammunition and guns, they will kill you. These people are sharks, know what to say, how to make you feel desperate, and that they are the only coke in the desert. They will push you hard to buy and the disappointment will come afterward when you realize it was all for nothing. So let’s get started with the questions. Remember to take the lead, be in control, you ask the questions. You have the buying power, and they depend more on you than you on them.

  • what kind of experience do you have?
  • How much time have you been doing this?
  • Can you show me some successful stories?
  • Why did you chose this career?
  • What are your values?
  • How will you solve this issue (something you know the answer to)
  • Whats your teaching style?
  • When will i be seeing results?
  • How do you keep learning?
  • Will you make me a growth plan and suggestions?

Questions to ask in a mentorship session

  • Prepare and ask relevant questions.
  • Be respectful of your mentor’s time and experience.
  • Ask if you can follow up and exchange contact information.
  • Afterwards, ask yourself what you learned from the meeting and how you can apply your new knowledge.
  • Thank your mentor for their advice with an email or personalized note.

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