Are people born leaders and entrepreneurs or are they don’t? Are entrepreneurs always extroverted? Are entrepreneurs born rich? Do you need money to start a business? Do you need experience? Do you need education? Do you need to have special talents? How to develop an Entrepreneur Mindset?

Let’s solve all of these questions in this post.

These and more are the questions that people ask when they wonder about entrepreneurship

What is an entrepreneur mindset?

Is a set of skills that enable people to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings. A way of thinking that enables you to overcome challenges, be decisive, and accept responsibility for your outcomes. An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of beliefs, thought processes, and ways of viewing the world that drives entrepreneurial behavior.

Are people born leaders and entrepreneurs or are they don’t?

No, they do not. Yes you can be an innate leader or you can be a follower but this will not determine your success and your level of entrepreneurship. These are tools that could be used to pursue your dreams but they do not determine your success. If you aren’t a leader, you can become one. This is a learnable skill.

Are entrepreneurs always extroverted?

No this is not a definite criterion. Remember that the more excuses you make to your success the more fear you have and the least success you will have. I personally know extroverted and introverted entrepreneurs who are successful and others who aren’t. These are just leading styles and I believe they make your personality unique.

Are entrepreneurs born rich?

This is not a rule nor a denominating factor. In fact most self-made millionaires today were poor. Why? Because they hit bottom, because the change was their only option, so they went all in. Remember that your wealth is 100% dependant on the amount of impact you create in this world. You can be inherited but if you don’t learn how to create impact, you will lose it all. Or you can start from 0 but if you develop ways of creating impact then you will skyrocket.

Do you need money to start a business?

No, you don’t. You need validation from yourself. You can get started with creative ways, and that will give you validation. Once you have testimonials and validation then you will find the money. Or better yet, money will find you.

If you feel like you do need money to get started, ask friends or family or use your saving. But the less you invest the better, businesses should be built with the least amount of risk and money.

Do you need experience?

Experience comes with time and learning from failures. This can only be accomplished if you keep going. Everyone started from 0, from inexperience and fear. But eventually, they all went to the moon. Yes, you need experience, but the only way to get experience is to keep going.

If you are starting a business is because you do know or have a clear idea of how to do something. That is experience. Don’t expect to be an expert and then open a business, also remember that knowledge and learning are continuous, meaning that you never stop doing them.

Most people get caught up in the learning more syndrome and think that they need to sink in a ton of info before launching something and that is a mistake and an excuse from fear.

Do you need education?

You need self-education. Not the traditional education. You see self-education will give you the mindset you need and expand your level of opportunities.

If you already have a degree or any type of education, use it. Everything adds up and nothing is useless, but the problem with traditional education is that most people believe it has a start line and a finish line. Most people believe it is limited, so they graduate and stop learning, so their income will be limited as well. Another reason why I do not personally like traditional education is that most people chose the wrong school or degree, they do not like it and they won’t work in the field. When you have a negative experience from your education you will not continue to learn because you will think that everything that has to do with learning is negative and bad.

Do you need to have special talents?

Special talents are knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Those three are obtained after you get started. So we could say that you develop a special talent agent years of repeating a certain action, failing and trying again. The only thing you need to get starting is desire.

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

These are my main tips, there are plenty of things you could do. But start with 5 things, master them and then add more to your list. Remember that this is a long-term game and it’s all about doing small baby steps. Changing your behavior from ground to top is way, I’ve found that most entrepreneurs do all of these things every day.

1.- Meditate

Meditation calms your minds, dissolves diseases, and grounds you. The more you meditate the better your performance, start with 15 min every day before going to work or before bed. You can do guided meditations and download apps or listen to youtube. Or you can play quiet, calm music and focus on your breath. The challenge here is consistency, no matter how it goes, keep going, excellence is built from the art of repetition.

2.- Read your affirmations

An affirmation is a statement or sentence that speaks about a certain goal, action, or desire. You read them with deep focus and determination and picture in your mind that those things are already a reality in your mind. Affirmations are about training your brain and showing him a new world, your ideal work so that he can conspire in your favor and make it a dream come true.

3.- Create a plan

Plans are like maps, and you are the driver. The car is your life. How can you just grab a car and drive without purpose and destination? It makes no sense, it’s expensive, it’s pointless and you will get frustrated and lost. The same happens in life, most people drive their lives without a plan, a goal, and a destination this is why they never achieve anything. First, analyze what do you want to do, then create a plan, do reverse engineer, and baby steps every day to fulfill these goals.

4.- Change your inner circle

You are an average of the people you spend the most time with. There is an unconscious desire in human beings that they need acceptance and belonging no matter how beneficial the group is. So if you hang out with the wrong people you will unconsciously try to fit, and imitate their behavior. Drunk people have drunk friends, right? Tell me who you hang out with and ill tell you who you are! Learn the art of valuing your time, it will change your life.

5.- Read

Reading is wisdom, life, choices, possibilities, openness. It’s the best thing you can do. Want to improve something with your life, like your income? Read. Start with a subject you feel passionate about, read at least 15 pages every day, and you will develop a habit. You can then read anything for long periods of time. Your income is 100% related to how much you know and what you can do with what you know.


As you can see here, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle that is not a role you play at work, it’s not a dream you have and move on. It’s not a superpower you are born with, but a superpower you develop, there are many types, kinds, and styles. Dont think you can’t be one because of “X”, but think about what will you do to develop the entrepreneur mindset you need to succeed and how much are you willing to sacrifice and put up to achieve it. Keep going and never look back.

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