If you are reading this, you probably own a business or are thinking about opening a new business. Well, you are in the right place, I’ve been a business owner for more than 15 years. I learned through college and the school of life. Both were very expensive, believe me. The first one cost a ton of money and the second a lot of failures, struggles, and expensive mistakes. Let me save you some pain and give you a hand here. I will give you the best advice, hire a business consultant, save yourself some pain, and guidance from someone whos been there.

business consultant

You are an expert at doing one craft

So most owners start a business because they are good at doing one craft. they are great accountants, or chefs, or shoemakers. They are in love with one thing in particular and devoted themselves to mastering that art. It doesn’t matter which one it is. Now that passion, love, and determination made you get started with the business, and it was going all great. The problem aroused when you had to deal with other business areas, that you either dislike, ignore, or don’t know about them. Here is what many call the glass ceiling.

Hitting the Glass Ceiling

The term glass ceiling means that you cannot grow anymore. You hit a “limit” and there is nothing more after. The problem is this is an illusion, there is always room for growth. But owners can’t see the growth because they don’t have more knowledge or abilities to solve current problems. So now problems are bigger than themselves. This ceiling is what sets apart small business owners from real entrepreneurs. And this ceiling is what needs to be solved if you really what to simplify the way you do business. Now I will give you 10 reasons or ways in which you can break this by hiring a consultant.

Consulting Industry

Whether you want to start a consulting business or hire one these things can’t be ignored. If you follow these rules you will know how much to pay for these services, what to ask for and even the salary to make if you want to become one.

1.- What is a consultant?

Let’s start by defining what is a consultant. It is a person with the knowledge, abilities, and experience to help a person in a certain industry. There are consultants for everything from health, business, finance, relationship, mindset, and all kinds. It’s a mentor, a guide, and someone who will help you achieve your desired goals.

2.- Why do we need to hire one?

So like a said before, you have probably hit a wall. Right now your income is 100% related to your performance. Most business owners have defined their roles as problem solvers. They are like firemen putting down fires everywhere. So they stop growing because they stop leading, there are too worried about surviving and making their business survive. The issue with this behavior is that they see it as normal because it became their reality. You can’t fix something that is normal, that is ok. A consultant will see these things, point them out as problems, and help you create a plan to overcome them. He will be your new fresh eyes, with a new perspective that will help you along the way.

3.- He will answer your questions

When I started doing business my mentor was my father. He was the person I looked up to. Had more experience, knowledge, and money than I. The problem was that one day he ran out of solutions to my questions. He didn’t have an answer. So I hired a consultant. A consultant has your answers, has worked with people with similar problems, and knows where to seek solutions. During my years giving consulting, I have realized that most businesses that are in the same growth stage have the same problems. So they all fall patterns and are very similar no matter the industry. A consultant has most probably helped someone in a similar situation.

4.- It’s cheaper than your mistakes

Owners are usually paralyzed by money. They keep their money in a precious box, maybe because they went through a lot of pain to earn it. fortunately, this doesn’t have to be this way, money should be kept locked and you should have to go through pain to earn it. I learned a very valuable lesson a few years ago… If you do not invest in good salaries and help, you will end up hiring cheap people that will make very expensive mistakes. In the long run, this is more expensive than a good consultant or a high salary.

5.- It’s available 24/7

Nowadays most consulting firms have online programs. Or if you’re thinking about starting one, then this is a great asset you should build. When you purchase training you have hours and hours of knowledge that you can rewatch as many times as you’d like, anywhere, anytime.


A consultant is like a doctor. you need one for any area of your life. Realize that you cannot be an expert at everything and that sometimes you need an external force to help you get out of a struggle. If you are serious about breaking your glass ceiling and getting the help you can go watch this free training we created about small businesses. This will help you get started and realize what do you need to do.

Reading, podcasts, and listening to successful people is a must that will complement this training. Good luck!

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