Gudiño Casas

Javier Gonzalez  CEO

Generate quality B2B leads

Gudiño Casas is an advisory firm. They offer services like legal advise financial and tax advice. They are a big company in Mexico, with locations in several states. This company has more than 60 employees. 

They had a name, experience, and practice. They just needed advice on how to generate quality leads at an affordable price and unify their entire sales system. 

When we talk about B2B leads, LinkedIn is our platform. 

We implemented an automated LinkedIn lead generation system with the help of a few automations. We implemented the use of a CRM and follow-ups. We connected the entire customer team from lead generators to appointment setters, closers, and customer management people. 

  • Think of a system as a domino. Each piece must be align with the one before and the one after because they all contribute to each other’s performance. We created the system for them and taught them how to use it. It took us two months to do it. 

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