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Ana Arenas CEO

You cannot give what you are not!

I’ve been a business coach for more than 5 years now, but before that I was a regular business owner just like you. I became a coach because I felt in love with organizing companies but more importantly organizing the owner. 

My Beginnings

I am the 4th generation of cattlemen.

My grandfather was one of the most successful cattlemen in Latin America. When I was young, my sister died, so I had to step into the family business to help my dad, who was in a deep depression. I was 15 years old; I studied in the mornings and worked in the afternoon. My father was my mentor; he knew more than me and had more experience.
I wanted to grow the company; we produced beef meat in small quantities and sold it to convenient stores. I tried to build convenience stores and deliver pre-cooked meals. The problem was we had no money to invest. The business was tiny and easy to manage, so I was behind everything.

I applied for a USD 1M incentive from the Mexican government and won.
When I was 18 years old, I applied to get a Mexican incentive of USD 1M. I had all odds against me, and corruption in Mexico was my enemy. I went to the loan office every day for one year and won the loan. I was a millionaire.
I used that money to pay my father’s debts and invest in the company.
I thought the money was the only problem, and now that I had, there would be no problems. I invested in the business, imported equipment from Spain, built 3 locations and started franchising my convenience stores.

I graduated from business school with a finance degree; my teachers helped me build my manuals, processes, and financial plan. I was a medium-sized company now, I had 60 employees, but I became a fireman. I was behind quality control, employees, sales, clients, taxes, and everything. Thanksgiving and Christmas were my highest season, so I had no vacations.

Hiring coaches and gurus would be the solution to my problems.

I hired many coaches to help me go from a do-it-all-preneur to a real CEO. They knew the books, they had the theory, but an actual business isn’t like that. My father used to say that in life we have two schools: college or the books and the school of life. I needed a coach who had lived through the two schools. They couldn’t help me because, to be honest, a coach that just sits and tells you your problems isn’t enough. You need action, implementation, and to remove pain points asap.
I read, tried it all, and asked whoever I could about fixing my business. I asked God and life for an answer, and I got it.
Our business was simple; we had a name that was 50 years old, ¨Arenas¨ my last name, we had the cattle, the factory, and the stores. We sold food, and people couldn’t stop eating, so selling was easy. The problem was; we hated the company, there was no culture, and we could control the expenses.
I had problems with inventory, turnover, employees, motivation, daily expenses, marketing, and collecting cash from suppliers.

Selling food is very easy, but maintaining the quality, the hygiene that’s needed, and the supply of it was very hard.

I created franchised, I was selling 7 figures a month, had the financial freedom I craved so badly, and life seemed good.
After all, a franchise will be the end of my problems; it will be run by an owner who cares about this business and will make sure everything runs smoothly.

Until my dad was diagnosed with cancer and had to step aside from consulting me and helping me, I started to question why I was in this business in the first place?
I was still working in this company… because.. it’s all I knew how to do. I programmed myself to be fulfilling this role.

Life hit me hard again.

My mom abandoned us one month before my wedding. I went into an internal crisis. By this point, my sister had died, my had gone through cancer, he was retired from the company, my mom left us, and I was by myself and had a handful of problems. I understand the biggest lesson of my life.


I could fix my business because I had to fix myself first. If I was in a bad position, I hired the wrong people and made the wrong decisions. I and my business were in survival mode.
Most businesses cannot be fixed because they cannot stop surviving. They do not have the energy and resources to change.
I sold my business and went in full for consulting.

I started to see the same pattern. People had dreams started a company because they were good at doing one craft. Soon they hit a wall, a wall of uncertainty, stress, problems, and questioning. They then became firemen and babysitters and started hatting their businesses. I went full into helping these dreamers regarding their freedom, passion, and purpose.

On that day, The Harmonious was born. A company that pretends to create a whole, a union between the business and the owner.

So why I can help you?


  • Because I was in your chair for 10+ years, I was a fireman, babysitter, do-it-all-preneur. I was stressed, overwhelmed and tired of everything.
  • Because I teach based on experience plus a few books and trainings. 
  • I have helped more than 30 companies in the past.

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