Cams Roofing 

Carlos Soto CEO

Create a sales system

Carlos, the owner of CamsRoofing, has been in the industry for more than 10 years now. He runs his company with the help of his wife. Carlos has subcontractors, and he is behind payments, invoicing, Generating leads, doing the work, creating estimates, and supervising the team.

He thought he needed a better website when we started because that would make him more business and help him grow.
He had one thing against him, time. He couldn’t take in more work; he worked more than 12 hours per day and was behind everything.

We quickly realized he didn’t have a system. he used spreadsheets and good memory. So first, we hired a customer service person, then implemented a sales and managing system.
he improved his performance because he reduced his workday, attended more business, and automated his entire sales process.

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